Solar Panel Instalation for Homes, Businesses & Farms

Install the Best Solar Panels in Ireland
Produce your own FREE solar energy
to SAVE on energy bills

Utilise your unused roof space by installing Solar PV Panels which will help to lower your energy bills.

Harness the power of the sun to create free electricity for your home, business, or farm.

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We will handle your SEAI Grant Application and make the process hassle-free and straightforward for you.

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lower energy bills

Lower your Energy Bills

Enjoy cheaper energy bills this Winter and all year round.

Low Maintenance

Start saving up to 60% on your electricity bills.

Easy Installation

With our solar panels, you will generate your own power.

PV Solar Panel Installation for your Home, Business or Farm

Solar PV Panels for your home
Solar PV Panels for your business
Solar PV Panels for your farm


Up to €2,400 SEAI Grant available


Up to €2,400 SEAI Grant available


Get a Grant worth up to 60% for Solar PV Panels.



Water Proof

Wind Resistant


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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Solar Elite as your Solar Panel Installer?

  1. Nationwide installation service
  2. Qualified Electrician
  3. SEAI approved
  4. Safe Electric Registered
  5. 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty
  6. 25-Year Production Warranty
  7. Excellent customer service
  8. Excellent after-sales service
  9. Irish-owned business
  10. Lower your energy bills!
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Produce your own FREE solar energy

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